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considering freelander as second car

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okay so i have realised we need a second car in the clan, preferably roomy, and 4x4 is essential due to the muddy festivals i enjoy going to.. so i immediately thought freelander :D id love one like this

but would consider older to bring the price down.. i just think that one looks the dogs business :D so any advice, pointers, what to look for etc would be appreciated

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my freelander has been absolutely brilliant in the snow/ice whatever!.....its gone where no other car can seem to and has felt safe and secure.....

one big surprise has been the cheapo fullrun 235/50 zr18 tyres i had fitted recently as they have been fantastic in the bad weather!
Hi what pressure are you putting the 18" tyres, I have the TD4 Sport with the same tyres and the log book says 30 psi. My local garage just fitted a new tyre for me and put 34 Psi in as he says that what his book says??


1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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