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considering freelander as second car

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okay so i have realised we need a second car in the clan, preferably roomy, and 4x4 is essential due to the muddy festivals i enjoy going to.. so i immediately thought freelander :D id love one like this

but would consider older to bring the price down.. i just think that one looks the dogs business :D so any advice, pointers, what to look for etc would be appreciated

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dont do it freelanders are highly strung polished turds

DO NOT buy any petrol version, the 1.8's are under powered and the V6's drink fuel and have the same special needs all KV6's have (my v6 freelander is as bad on juice as my v8 discovery) £70 to fill the tank with a 210-230 mile range my old zs 180 would do 280-310 miles.

a V6 cambelt service :scary: ive heard scare storys of dealers wanting over a grand for one

the jatco automatic transmission is weak and expensive to repair

the drive train on the v6 is unique to the v6 and cant be swapped with diesel or 4 cylinder parts and its not often spares are available and when they do its mega bucks, it took me ages to get a decent engine for mine (dr evo came up trumps with an excellent bottom end)

all freelanders suffer from rear diff/vicous coupling/IRD/transfer box issues

if you even think about a 1.8 version i hope you have deep pockets, i think i can safley say that every one on the road has had the head off at least once in its life and most will have been repaired by idiots who dont understand how to correctly work with a k series and end up getting sold every 6 months as the as the head gasket keeps blowing

if you do really want one buy a post 2001 diesel (BMW engine) the only regular faults ive been out to seem to be failed turbos running the engine dry of oil (just like any other turbo diesel), if you can afford it go for the facelift it looks nicer, forget the auto diesel it uses the same gearbox as the V6

secondhand TD4 engines are cheap providing you get one from a 75 (£250) only a few bits to swap and they fit, if you start asking for a freelander diesel engine they start at £600,

in reply to a previous post freelanders dont get stuck when a few snowflakes appear, i live in a very hilly remote part of essex hence the need for 4x4's and my wife didnt get stuck even when we had 9 inches of the white stuff with 3 bearly legal tyres (drivers get cars stuck not the car)
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