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considering freelander as second car

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okay so i have realised we need a second car in the clan, preferably roomy, and 4x4 is essential due to the muddy festivals i enjoy going to.. so i immediately thought freelander :D id love one like this

but would consider older to bring the price down.. i just think that one looks the dogs business :D so any advice, pointers, what to look for etc would be appreciated

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Only just seen this post, I have a basic 1.8s 2001, here in Sheffield we have had over 18inches of snow and for 3 days our Freebie was the only thing that moved taking neighbours on hospital runs and to the shops as no gritters have been seen on our estate. Not once did traction control cut in and the hdc was fantastic on some of the hills around us. So don't knock the Freelander not even the 1.8 it has done everything I have asked of it including towing a caravan to the Scottish Highlands and around North Yorkshire.
I'll second that:)
We previously had a 2001 1.8 petrol Freelander and now have a 2005 TD4 - its brilliant in this weather. As my wife normally uses it, I am now thinking of getting another one for me (possibly an earlier 1.8) to use in winter rather than the TF.
Is this when they got the remote thermostat as well?

Also seriously considering a Freebie and being swayed toward the 1.8 because they are so much cheaper than the diesels. Anyone got any thoughts on early low mileage vs late high mileage, or petrol vs high mileage L series? There's also the tax to consider - I'm sure late 1.8s fall into the re-mortgage your house tax bracket.

I've had 2 K engined cars, and while I've had head and gasket problems with both of them the last HG we did only cost £250 in parts and mates rates labour so go figure.
The Freelander got the remote stat around 2001 (our 2001 1.8 had one) but I wouldn't rely on it as being much of an improvement. From memory, no K series engined Freelander left the factory with an MLS gasket, it was introduced as a retro fit together with the strengthened oil rail.

As said above, I used to have a 1.8 petrol - bought it new in 2001 and it was trouble free for the almost 3 years we owned it as was my father-in-laws 1.8 for 5 years. Last week I bought a 1998 1.8 petrol to use over the winter, time will tell on how it fares up reliability wise but if it breaks I will just have to fix it.

Road tax wise, up to and including X reg models, its £205 for a year, for Y reg and on its £245 per year, deciding on this or the diesel I would say depends on the mileage you will do, the petrol engine is heavy on fuel (27mpg combined) where as a L series diesel does 36mpg combined.

I would say go for it, mine has already proved itself in the short time I have owned it, they are good in snow.
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With 10yrs of ownership the FL 1.8 is superb on ice and snow.
After taking my 1.8 Freelander into some deep snow yesterday I have to agree - its so good in snow - drives through it like it wasn't there yet FWD cars are spinning and sliding about on the same surface, I then tried it on snow that no-one had ventured on, again ideal.
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