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considering freelander as second car

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okay so i have realised we need a second car in the clan, preferably roomy, and 4x4 is essential due to the muddy festivals i enjoy going to.. so i immediately thought freelander :D id love one like this

but would consider older to bring the price down.. i just think that one looks the dogs business :D so any advice, pointers, what to look for etc would be appreciated

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1.8 K-series after 2004 was updated with MLS and different oil rail so not much to worry about.
Is this when they got the remote thermostat as well?

Also seriously considering a Freebie and being swayed toward the 1.8 because they are so much cheaper than the diesels. Anyone got any thoughts on early low mileage vs late high mileage, or petrol vs high mileage L series? There's also the tax to consider - I'm sure late 1.8s fall into the re-mortgage your house tax bracket.

I've had 2 K engined cars, and while I've had head and gasket problems with both of them the last HG we did only cost £250 in parts and mates rates labour so go figure.
Well, I am edging towards trying to find a low mileage 1.8. I'm thinking low mileage is the most important thing because of the cost of drivetrain components, and low mileage diesels are silly money. For a 2005 ish Freebie equivalent diesels seem to be half again as expensive as petrols (so we're talking £3k).

Brian, I'd love to find a bargain car like your (wife)'s! As long as its an estate, with a sunroof. Of course, I am looking at precisely the wrong time of year.

1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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