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considering freelander as second car

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okay so i have realised we need a second car in the clan, preferably roomy, and 4x4 is essential due to the muddy festivals i enjoy going to.. so i immediately thought freelander :D id love one like this

but would consider older to bring the price down.. i just think that one looks the dogs business :D so any advice, pointers, what to look for etc would be appreciated

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With 10yrs of ownership the FL 1.8 is superb on ice and snow.

If you are towing the diesels are the best option, 1.8 models may have been tortured with hgf and shoddy fixes.

IRD, and drivetrain components are not cheap.
After taking my 1.8 Freelander into some deep snow yesterday I have to agree - its so good in snow - drives through it like it wasn't there yet FWD cars are spinning and sliding about on the same surface, I then tried it on snow that no-one had ventured on, again ideal.

Yes I can fault the FL on many things but its capabilities in the snow are faultless.

As for my RWD MG, of which you will be familiar, its hopeless in ice and snow, but mainly down to tyres F1 GS-D3 ;)
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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