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I am posting this in the hope that someone who lives in mainland Europe may be able to help me regarding the range of colours available for the TF.
I intended to change my two year old TF 160 in Dover White for a new one in the same colour, however MG have dropped this colour for UK cars.
A Belgian friend sent me ( by e-mail ) details of the colours available in the TF brochure he picked up at the latest motor show held in Holland and Dover white was shown as an option. Visiting the various web sites for MG importers in Europe I find that a hardtop is available in Dover white but due to my lack of knowledge of language cannot find the web page showing the car body colours, though it does seem strange to offer a hard top if the car itself was not available to match !!
I have corresponded with the Longbridge customer service department but they just say ' not available ' , therefore I am asking for help is tracking down an European TF brochure to see if Dover white is available anywhere, details by e-mail would be ok then I could try to get some more information from MG.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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