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code reader for 1999 petrol freelander ?:)

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Can anyone recommend me a code reader for a 1999 freelander ? as the one i have wont connect to it

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I don't think many work as they are OBD1, even our snap on Modis at work won't connect properly and that is a 5k diagnostics machine.
am guessing you can't buy OBD1 code readers then??
and dam 5k diagnostic machine wont work?? thats not good

Wont work, ECU is too old mate..

Not sure if the Rover T4 will read it, might do?
lol well these people that sell code readers saying they work from 1996 upwards then say only for american cars or light trucks is a ballock lol so is there any way of code reading it?
I think in OBD1 Rover cars they used a 'bridging' diagnostics socket, probably wrong. You had to get a paperclip and bridge some connector and it flashes a the light or something.
really ? that doesn't sound very safe to me lol :)

you need a hawkeye reader it does 90% with the early landrovers
i am going to get mine put on a members t-300 to see what it can do as it does all other rovers with early mems 1.9 and on
cheers mate might look at getting T300 at some point :)

The T300+ will work fine on the MEMS1.9 and MEMS3 Freelanders, it will read fault codes and display live data.
It will also allow you to program fobs to the alarm system.

cheers mate does the T300+ work on just the MEMS1.9 and MEMS3 or will it work on other makes and models of cars? just out of curiosity?
not like i will be getting anything but mg rover as i do love mg rovers :D lol
it does many cars look up t-300 and it will give you a list

cheers mate i will deffantly look into it :)
not long had mine and have cleared faults on the freelander added another fob i picked up from the scrappy
the only thing i could not do on the freelander was sort out the hill decent fault

seems like a god bit of kit then mate :)
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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