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code reader for 1999 petrol freelander ?:)

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Can anyone recommend me a code reader for a 1999 freelander ? as the one i have wont connect to it

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you need a hawkeye reader it does 90% with the early landrovers
i am going to get mine put on a members t-300 to see what it can do as it does all other rovers with early mems 1.9 and on
it does many cars look up t-300 and it will give you a list
not long had mine and have cleared faults on the freelander added another fob i picked up from the scrappy
the only thing i could not do on the freelander was sort out the hill decent fault
its paid for its self already just by doing a fob on the freelander and the mgf
handy for the faults and clearing them plus you can adjust the tickover and emissions for the mot
its not a do all bit of kit none are that cover many cars but worth the £90 i think i paid for it and will last for years on many other cars as well
if you do in the future order one make sure you order an English version
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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