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Help, please somebody. My wifes 06, 50k mile cityrover has been great over the last 18 months but has now developed a fault which, looking back on old posts, seems to have affected quite a few cars with no obvious solution. Basically it drops onto only cylinders 1 and 4 with 2 and 3 intermittently fireing,getting worse as the engine warms up and at lighter throttle. its fine at motorway speed and under hard acceleration. I have changed all engine sensors,new coil pack,cleaned connectors, run link wires from ECU to coil pack trigger terminals and checked pickup points on the rear of the camshaft are not damaged. tried a used ECU but no change in the fault. We have thrown in the towel and bought a brand new car as a result but I cant bring myself to scarp an otherwise good little 2006 car for what must be a minor fault somewhere. Any suggestions greatfully received.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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