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Cityrover - Cutting Out When Warm

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Hi There,

Hopefully someone can help me with my dilemma!

I bought a Cityrover recently, great car.......when it runs!

I'm having an issue that when the car runs for around 30 minutes it then cuts out, completely. From then on the car will restart, then cut out after another minute and so forth. The car has absolutely no issues starting from cold.
I initially thought it was a fuel issue, the fuel pump is quite loud (not sure whether this is normal?) and I have replaced the fuel filter.

Taking into advice from a friend I replaced both the Camshaft and Crankshaft position sensors with new items but the issue still persists.
Initially there was no engine management light, but this has recently come on with a P0017 code.

The cambelt was replaced recently by a previous owner and the usual service items (oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs) have been changed.

Any ideas as to what the fault could be??

Thanks in advance!
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I imagine it’ll be the sensor is faulty, happens all the time
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