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Chinese News in a Week - Week 17 of 2007 (23rd - 29th April 2007)

1 - 60 MG dealerships to come in China and the UK

 During an interview with Zhang Zin, the general manager of MG, the current situration on MG dealership inside and outside China was outlined.

 Inside China, 35 dealerships had already signed up with MG, and the construction of the first batch of dealerships is nearly complete. In the second batch, there are around 15 dealships under negotiation at the moment. Also, 10 dealerships in Britian had already signed up with MG, and establishing a British dealership network is the one of the things they prioritise outside the Chinese dealership network.

 In the same interview, Zhang Xin had little to reveal on the issue of possible cooperation with SAIC.


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Reference back to "Lot of Chinese News, Part 3": page 6
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