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Chinese News in a Week - Week 14 of 2007 (2nd - 8th April 2007)

1 - MG showcase in the Shanghai motor show

MG will make its first major motorshow appearance in China at 20th April, at the Auto Shanghai show. The MG7 and MG TF will be accompanied by two other two classic MGs on the stage, MG SA and MGB. The MG SA first appeared on motorshow in October 1935, was a sporting saloon that came with a six cylinders engine, not unlike the MG7. However, it is unclear what other MGs will be on the show.
Interestingly, this motorshow will be attended by both MG and Roewe.

Background information

About Auto Shanghai 2007
Date: April 22,2007 - April 28,2007
Media day: April 20,2007 - April 21,2007

Source: [list of exhibitors]

2 - MG intended to export to Europe in the second half of this year

When Zhang Xin, General Manager of NAC-MG, was interviews by Reuters at 31st March, he expressed that NAC-MG intends to export to Europe in the second half of the year, and establish dealership network at Europe, Austrialia, New Zealand, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries.
During the telephone conversation with the reporter, he pointed out that the exports should take up more than half of the sales after a few years. Also, NAC found the warm reception from the oversea dealers and comsumers encouraging. NAC stated that they expect the annual global sale of the MG cars to reach 200,000 and hopes China to be the biggest market for the MG cars.

Original source: Reuters
Complete article:

3 - NAC-MG's Longbridge announcement imminent?
According to the news article from the NAC website, Li Yuanchao, the secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee, made a visit to the MG plant at Longbridge on the 24th March 2007.

Mike Whitby, the Councillor of the Birmingham City Council, stated that Mr Li requested to come to Birmingham. Quoting Mike Whitby, it is indicated that it would not be long for an announcement about production at Longbridge to be made,
“I know the Nanjing Automotive Company (NAC) will shortly be making an announcement about the resumption of manufacturing at Longbridge and hope that my negotiations with the Jiangsu Government this weekend will help speed up that process."


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Reference back to "Lot of Chinese News, Part 2": page 49
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