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MG have won the "China Motor Sports Special Contribution Award

The Chinese Federation of Automobile Sports of China's motor sports association in 2008 December 17, the annual work conference held in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. Two days of meetings, the agenda extremely rich, from the country's nearly auto clubs, provinces Automobile Association, motorcycle clubs, as well as media from across the country the motorsport journalists, gathered in the North River.

Summing up the year 2008 with the car movements, and exchange of experiences, from all over the country to carry out the recommended number of cities, and strive to host car races at the same time, in the joint organization of steam under the rules of the game had extensive discussions on the race calendar in 2009 conducted a preliminary discussion.

The annual meeting of the most exciting is the work of this year. After the vote, the media's recommendation, as well as specialists in the field, MG MG by virtue of their competitiveness, access to the Chinese Federation of Automobile Sports of the "China Motor Sports Special Contribution Award."

In 2008, from the British car MG, first set foot in the domestic state-level car race, after a year of struggle, a fruitful field performance has aroused great concern to the industry:

1,2008 year June 1, the National Rally Championship in Shanghai, MG7 champion won the 1.8T.

2,2008 years July 8, in the Asia-Pacific drift race, MGTF production group access to the domestic championship

3,2008 in September 7, in the National Rally Championship points Mohe, MG3SW won the S1 group's winner, runner-up.

4,2008 years September 27, in the Changbai Mountain National Rally Championship points, MG3SW won the S1 group champion. And the sixth千六Cup.

5,2008 in December 7, 2008 in the Intercontinental Rally Championship International, the National Rally Championship points Fujian Shaowu S1 group was runner-up. And sixth千六Cup.

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