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Digital Roewe 550 hit a year-end awards inventory

December 27, 2008 by the Chengdu Commercial Daily, Sohu cars, Guangzhou Daily, Beijing Evening News, Chutian Metropolis, including 20 national mainstream media chosen automotive Alliance's "Car of the Year of China in 2008 overall standings," the dust settled, SAIC Roewe 550 won "Best fashion model" award. At the same time, "Sina network Festival 2008" prize presentation ceremony was held in Beijing, SAIC Roewe 550 victory again, "the 2008 year, best new car" award.

Recalling a whole in 2008, is not difficult to find throughout the mainstream automotive media in the new models in 2008, when judges, almost without exception, will honor give to SAIC's Roewe heavyweight products - Rongwei 550, gave a new "digital" car full recognition.

Roewe 550 award-winning since its listing, the 2008 Beijing auto show "best first car", the Beijing auto show "self-brand strategy of the top ten cars," first, "2008 Chinese consumers favorite car", as well as professional automotive media Design Awards presented figures, the year 2008 the success of the design, cutting-edge 2008 Car of the Year, the annual Technology Innovation Award in 2008 nearly 30 awards, listed in the Roewe 550 six months to come to tread.

SAIC Roewe 550 in the global models on location at the beginning of the birth of the "digital smart cars", through the innovative design concept with the traditional value of the perfect combination of motor vehicles for the mid-size car market dedicate a superior product. Roewe 550 audience mainly targeting the backbone of the current aggressive urban population, the growth in the information age groups for all types of digital products are born good. Roewe 550 from the track-type "digital dashboard" of great acclaim, we can see that the trendy digital design equipment for the young breed of great attraction. Total car standard "Press-to-go smart one-touch start," RMI's unique multi-functional information exchange systems, etc., but also won the public's favorite; only a small U disk, you can quickly and easily Massive enjoy music, than the ordinary extraordinary and sound-board computer system embodied digital. New equipment, and technological and digital dashboard "screen", so that consumers can fully enjoy the digital technology and automobile fusion. All of these "equipment" at home in its class are the first show, the Roewe 550 won once launched on young consumers.

Roewe brand building as a new "digital smart high-performance mid-level cars," Roewe 550 is not only enriched the Roewe brand product line, but also represent a "digital car era," the advent of the all-round. By the Federation from the latest sales data shows that Roewe 550 so far from the listing of more than five months time, has achieved sales of nearly 12,000 units, 1.8T in the domestic market sales ahead of a breakdown. Although the automobile market in the second half by the financial crisis, the overall sales of the brand models decline significantly, but the Roewe 550 has maintained good momentum in sales, the market responded enthusiastically. Good market performance so that SAIC Roewe 550 mid-size car market share in the rapid increases in the level of the market to become the fastest growing, most popular products.

It is precisely because the concern of many of the media, as well as the support of the vast number of consumers, Roewe 550 in 2008 in order to achieve such a good market performance. Numerous awards on behalf of the Roewe 550 product strength, at the same time they are also on the Roewe 550 future market performance incentives, in the face of both opportunities and challenges of 2009, Roewe 550 will follow up the victory; SAIC Roewe will also bring more full - the heart of China's consumer research and development, design and manufacture of new products.
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