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Note: "Southern Steam" = "Nanjing Automobile Group"

Nanjing Automobile Group - 2008 a year of change

In those days, Hu Mao and Wang Hao in competition, people might not think there will be today's scene: a few people to sit together and recall the past events, with much toil but emerge happily into the light and would be between allies and enemies of the whole joke went to pay ... 2008 December 22, "Shanghai/Nanjing cooperation," the first anniversary of the five high-level agreement. Listen to and talk about a story-telling experience ... ...

Interviews with guests:

SAIC chairman Hu Mao

Nanjing Automobile Group, the former chairman Wang Hao Liang

SAIC executive vice president and Nanjing Automobile Group Chairman Chih-Hsin Chen,

Vice president of SAIC and Nanjing Automobile Group Party secretary Yu Jian Wei

Vice president of SAIC and the Tung Wah Group of Automobile Company Chairman Jiang Zhi Wei

Interview questions

A) SAIC, Nanjing Auto because of what together?

Second: the process of cooperation is most proud of what the pen?

Third: the current integration and development between the two sides progressed to what stage?

4th: Co-operation difficulties, through what kind of communication platform to resolve the problem?

Five: South cooperation on the Chinese automotive industry what kind of reference?

■ come together for their own brands

胡茂元: December 26, 2007, on South cooperation, the signing ceremony in the Great Hall of the People.

January 2 this year, we came to Nanjing, Nanjing with comrades together the history of China's auto industry is the largest reorganization of the project to carry out substantive work.

Sangnam two independent brands to come together. In April last year in Shanghai auto show, some reporter asked me: "on the south are used Rover technology, whether there is the possibility of cooperation?" I was not avoiding this issue, expressed its willingness to cooperate with Nanjing, and even talked about "this is the same root, fratricidal" words. Wang Haoliang, chairman at the time in the United Kingdom, I was in Shanghai. I call him expressed willingness to cooperate, Wang chairman of the board agreed. In this way, we almost court, turned into a "Discussion of marriage." I think that as long as we Xincheng, there are solutions to any difficulties.

Our negotiations from the beginning of April 20. At that time, we made several sets of programs, some cooperation, but also all-round cooperation. Wang, chairman said that cooperation should be all-round cooperation. "All-round cooperation, melting for a" so the idea was mentioned at all. At that time, the media commented that SAIC Hu Mao to south steam offered an olive branch, I joked that this is "the harmonious development of the olive branch."

Chih-Hsin Chen: South cooperation at the beginning of MG encountered thorny issues. MG infrastructure total investment 3.0 billion, but only three product lines: MG 7 Series, 3 Series and the TF series, not enough to support such huge investments, there must be greater quantities of products. South cooperation on the future, we are pushing the "five reunification."

First, under central planning. In brand positioning on the differences of the division of labor, Rongwei positioning "of your elegance", the main high-end market; MG focuses manipulation, positioning for high value-added personalized branding campaign. In production planning, according to the platform to implement the layout, because the two major brands of engines, transmissions, etc. In fact, the six systems are the same, can be operated in a unified platform for organizing production. Second, a unified research and development. NAC have the original Academy of Engineering, nearly 300 engineers, will now become a technology center in Nanjing Branch of SAIC. Design standards, product standards for the pursuit of reunification. The third is to create a unified, unifying manufacturing standards. The fourth is a unified procurement. In the platform strategy, based on lower costs through joint procurement. Fifth, a unified marketing, the establishment of Shanghai Automotive own brand marketing team responsible for marketing the two independent brands.

On South cooperation, the MG team very well with our work. Over the past year they have actually achieved the first process reengineering, all manufacturing, procurement, marketing, research and development processes and SAIC achieved docking.

Hu Mao: the introduction of the "five reunification", we will consider the domestic automotive products in the market structure the largest A-class car on the Nanjing production, in order to strengthen the capacity of hematopoietic MG. In the unified planning of the layout, the current 7 Series, 3 Series and TF, coupled with our A-class car platform, together, be able to digest the current 200,000 capacity. So, through the South cooperation, the development of our own brand change "shun" the.

■ kill two birds with one rebound

■ South Asia to solve the problem is proud of the pen

Hu Mao: Prior to the South cooperation, South steam business is divided into four sections: The first South Fiat Company (Nanjing Fiat), and second, MG projects, three are at the core of Iveco commercial vehicle business, four are components business. After a clear rationale for the four sections to determine the first thing is to solve the problem in South Fiat.

South Fiat, products and existing products SAIC repeat serious, resulting in the internal competition. How to solve this problem? We have adopted a "rebound pipa" line of thinking. Shanghai Volkswagen because it was also facing a problem: the business to expand, but the production capacity. The Chinese side stands for Shanghai Volkswagen in China looking for production base, low-cost expansion, and consider re-foreign joint venture to build a new plant. I think, to build a new plant at least two years to go through many procedures. Therefore, I suggest that take full advantage of its own resources to solve the capacity problem. Finally, the German side endorsed our proposal.

In April this year, we began the transformation of South Fiat, South Fiat has the original staff training more than 1300 passengers, began production in June. Germany on behalf of the public watched very surprised that so fast, "inconceivable." Now, we have realized a profit that year and went into production. In October, when the South Fiat Association for monthly production on more than 10,000, which in South Fiat in history there has never been, the local tax increase in nearly two million workers in South Asia have to work 1200.

■ South cooperation on three-step

■ very successful first step

Chih-Hsin Chen: In the last pre-South cooperation, Iveco has been our convergence together, because in Shanghai and Chongqing, we have the co-operation.

After the South cooperation, Nanjing Iveco to enter the Shanghai camp, we have done three things: First, do a good job in the product quality to achieve a unified procurement; Second, integration into the value of SAIC, vision; The third is the implementation of the study of new product plans. Despite the bad economic situation this year, but the performance of NAVECO still improved 10%.

Hu Mao: The former South cooperation, South Steam some parts suppliers technical basis, compared with SAIC gap, so we have established the Tung Wah Group of companies.

Yu Jian Wei: Tung Wah Group of companies under the jurisdiction of 17 parts enterprises, these enterprises mainly NAC Iveco truck and bus facilities, staff very heavy burden. SAIC attaches great importance to the integration of the plate, sent a management team. After nearly a year co-operation, Tung Wah Group of companies in all aspects of work have done a very good job.

Nanjing Auto parts enterprises thin foundation, but we ask them to achieve the high level of development, and put it in the entire SAIC parts of such a large area of overall consideration. The business has an edge on the plate to support the development of focus, such as NAC mold. Tung Wah Group of the business is now promising that this year we have arranged for nearly 13 projects, total investment of 8 billion yuan. The current target is to promote the advantages of Shanghai enterprises and the Tung Wah Group of parts and components business, as soon as possible to adjust the main business of enterprises up. Unaffected by the market this year, selling about 40 billion yuan. We want to pass the three to five years of efforts to double sales, reached 80 billion yuan.

Hu Mao: At present, the South cooperation has been achieved initial results. I said the future cooperation between the two sides is "integration can be seen." Although the two sides need further integration, but its future has been visible. Nanjing Automobile Group, the whole of this year to cut a loss of 40 percent, to 2009 on the basis of further reduced losses by 40%. In 2010, it is necessary to turn a profit.

We are now taking the next step measures. Through practice the scientific concept of development to enhance the capacity of the two, one of which is the core competitive power capacity, and further broken down into four capacities: Lean management capabilities, the ability of independent innovation, service value-added capacity, resources, ability to integrate. In these four capabilities, the ability of independent innovation is the key. In accordance with the requirements of results-oriented, we defined the Chih-Hsin Chen, vice president of the company as part of our own brand the person in charge to strengthen the integration, such as their own brands all of the relevant office, financial, personnel of all integration. MG company had with a NAC Group, the management of duplication, not enough flat organization, in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept, MG company has merged with Nanjing Automobile, the new team has just been established. The new NAC main task is to manage its own brand of passenger cars in this one. Commercial Vehicle Business Division commissioned SAIC commercial management. This is in line with SAIC to take into consideration commercial vehicle plates, consistent management strategy. Thus, NAC can focus on grasping the building of its own brand cars.

■ SMS is a fast communication platform

Hu Mao: South cooperation in the whole process, we have always been Wang Hao-liang, chairman of the concern, support. Wang, chairman of local conditions are familiar with, make full use of his leading work in Nanjing as the relationship between South cooperation to help solve the various problems that arise.

Wang, chairman has been more than 60 years old and I have 60 years of age, and we fast-track is to exchange text messages. My cell phone is the vibration of peace, a look at Wang, chairman to quickly deal with messages on my cell phone inside of his SMS, I have deleted the other, his message I want to delete. Issues of our concern, to communicate through text messages. It was to be his concern and support, that makes co-operation achieved initial success, the future of integration can be seen.

Wang Hao-liang: SAIC Southern steam are state-owned assets, which over the past year to put NAC SAIC spent a great effort. It had been argued, such a good base for NAC Why give the people of Shanghai? I think it is wrong to talk about. SAIC will take enormous because the cost of moving NAC. We are all state-owned enterprises, more shares less shares, there is no substantive significance, the key is to good business. NAC 10 percent this year to 18% of the employees are adjusting their wages. The original in South Fiat do not have a laid-off employees, in the past 1,500 yuan monthly salary, is now 3,500 yuan, that is the outcome!

SAIC NAC this year to solve the cash flow of 4.6 billion yuan, to comply with our agreement was signed by the two sides. I remember that when signing in Beijing, Hu, chairman of National Development and Reform Commission to stand to ensure NAC investment. I said that we are all state-owned enterprises, do a good job, he glorious; so bad that SAIC on the integration of NAC did not do a good job, and he did not glorious. The beginning of a lot of people talk about and can not do with the people of Shanghai, Shanghai polyspermy ah, you are certainly not good to eat fruit. I said I am not afraid, I told him integration, tied together with him. In fact we are now the governor, the mayor agreed that Hu, chairman of the sincere cooperation of the South responsible, but also a sincere investment in Nanjing. NAC enables the development, so that staff stability, and I was scolded a thousand times ten thousand times is not afraid!

■ hope that the reorganization of the domestic auto industry

■ learn to play the role of

Wang Hao Liang: I think that today's meeting will play two roles: first, on a year-South cooperation, we have a responsibility to introduce specific work over the past year as well as the co-operation both before and after the change; Secondly, the current international financial crisis on China the real economy, especially the auto industry caused some impact, in which case the study of South cooperation on the promotion of Chinese automobile industry has a joint merger and reorganization of referential significance. China's auto industry is scattered, disorder and poor condition of the remains. Many people still want to be self-reliant development of motor vehicles. I am a layman in the automotive world, but I did steam in the South less than three years, well understood by now to the independent development of car is easier said than done? Despite the now-South cooperation may be controversial, but on the whole, this year NAC changes proved that the road to the path of cooperation is the right choice!

Yu Jianwei: South cooperation as a direct experience, I co-operation over the past year on the changes in deep.

First, on the whole South cooperation is progressing smoothly. Frankly speaking, I began to worry, because there are so many NAC staff, history has not seen such a big change. But this year, cadres and employees thinking no big fluctuations.

Secondly, from the business point of view, on the South cooperation has improved after the effective operation of NAC look and ensure the normal development of the enterprise.

Third, enterprises more clearly positioning, product planning clearer, investment is also increasing. October 27 this year, investment of 2.566 billion MG to start the second phase project, to further enhance the entire NAC staff's confidence.

Fourth, the on-South cooperation, promoting the integration of the Yangtze River Delta linkage, manufacturing scale and the increase in tax revenue brought about the development of Nanjing.

Fifth, with the enterprises to speed up the integration process, the effects of the gradual integration of resources is reflected. South cooperation on the outcome of stage more obvious.

Hu Mao: Upper South cooperation also tells us: enterprise development goal is not to much, but strong as the goal, it is also aimed at the bigger and stronger. At this time we are willing to cooperate with all aspects, especially in key technology fields. However, we must first of all, or are doing well, the current focus is to have integrated into the resource integration and building. Particularly in the Southern Steam, not solve, I do not retire!

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It's when you see stuff like this you realise how fast autotranslators are developing. What's all this about "Wang chairman of the board"? In the old days the hit "Give me just a little more time" would have been by the Kings Most Good... :lol:
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