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Children seats

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Hi guys, can anyone tell me if i can fit 3 kids seats in the back of a zt or zt-t? in the market for a new car but not ready for a scenic just yet and wanting a zt to go with my r25. i've got 2 booster seats and a forward facing seat.
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To fit a 3rd one in the middle rear seat i`m guessing would be unstable as the middle rear of a zt is slightly raised compared to the seats directly behind the driver and passenger, tried the middle with my daughters booster and it did tend to slide around a bit
We have 2 in our zt and there is just enough space for a dog in between, selling it soon for a bigger car :(
YES you can, I've done it, but it is a bit cramped.
cant see why not - can you still get seat belt extensions to do things like this if the belts arnt long enough ?
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