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changing Rover radio/cassette r760

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changing Rover radio/cassette r760 Help please

Could some one please help. I have taken out the factory fitted radio from my Rover si 214 N reg (95/96) I have put in its place a J.V.C. radio/cd. Although this works fine I have not been able to connect the wires for the steering controls as this radio has only room for two connectors and the Rover radio had three.Is there an adapter I can buy to allow the third bank of wires to be connected or is it not possible to get the steering controls to operate the new unit?
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some HU manufacturers you can, I know alpine and sony do - im not aware that JVC do these - any decent autoleads stockists should have it in stock or available to order - be warned though, they dont come cheap!
You can take a look at the seicane aftermarket radio gps navigation system which supports steering controls etc. Good luck to you.
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