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Changing HID Bulbs?

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Got some H7 6000k "HID Cool" HID lights fitted into the OEM Reflectors at the moment, but the lights seem a little too dazzling and blue.

I'd like to change to some H7R 4300k ones. Can I just buy a new bulb (connectors look the same...) or do I need to buy a kit with all the ballasts as well?
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These 'H7 6000K HID Cool lights', are these filament bulbs (with the so-called HID look) or did you fit a complete HID burner system to the lamps, complete with ballasts, etc?

You can change a 6000K HID burner to a 4300K HID burner without changing the electrics, but it's unclear (to me anyway) what the currect system is.

It's a proper HID kit, ballasts and all.

The box says "HID Cool" on the front, and the fitment is H7 (versus the H7R I should of got...) - wasn't sure if the make of my kit makes a difference. Obviously not!
If you've got projector lamps, then 6000K is too blue and you will get a bad blue tinge around the endge of the light, the 5000K is what we always used in the projector lamps, 6000K we used in the reflector lamps quite successfully, as these didn't bend the light and break it up leaving the blue tinge to the light like the projectors did.

If you go back as far as 4300K you might consider them to be a little 'yellow' compared toy uor 6000K units.

Regards, Rob.
Agree with above, 4300k in reflectors just doesn't look right IMO.

You can just buy H7R bulbs for your car, I as above, would recommend the 5K ones.
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