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change gear box oil

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can any one take me through the process of changing the gear box oil in my s reg 211 rover? Many thanks
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Its an exceedingly simple process.

>> Jack car up all the way around (front + rear, if you dont then you wont get as much of the old oil out).
>> Remove top bolt (filler hole).
>> Position drain pan below the bottom bolt (drain hole).
>> Remove bottom bolt (drain hole) to let oil drain.

Optional: Get stinky gearbox oil on yourself and the drive.. you will regret it.

>> Insert bottom bolt (drain hole).
>> Using hose fill via the top hole until oil comes back out.
>> Insert top bolt.. all done.

Please note when I say top and bottom bolts I mean in relation to each other not to the other bolts. At work at the moment so cant post any pics. Have also not included the torque for tightening as again.. at work.
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If you get the oil on your clothes dont put them in the washer. All your washing will smell of it for weeks ;)
has any one got any pics as it would realy help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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