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Centre consol removal

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Try to remove the centre consol on a Rover 216 Coupe 1998 to replace the gear stick cover.
I have removed the radio, undone and removed the two screws each side of the consol but there seems to be something holding it in.
Something is still clipped at the top and possibly the middle section.
Any ideas please as I don't want to break it.
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IIRC there is a small removable cover underneath the handbrake lever, prise it off and there are screws beneath it and also under the rear cubby hole. I'm guessing a bit as it was ages ago I took mine out.
if you have the centre armrest open take out the insert loosen the two 8mm bollts at the bottom rear inside as above remove that sml cover take out those two 8mm bolts lift at front and push forwards to release,now you have a little more room to get the front bit its gonna be stuck around the edge with double sided tape so needs a firm yank out
Thanks guys
I will give it another go next week
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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