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central locking fitment

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hi there! I have bought 2 motors for the doors and 1 for the boot for my rover 200 1998 model! Although it dosnt have remote locking but i have the remote fobs for the alarm and imobliliser. Any ideas on how to wire these things up?!?!? Thanx a lot for your help guys!!!
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You can add them but the biggest problem is putting the wires into the door as they wont be in the car. The other thing is does your indicator/interior light work with the alarm when the car is locked/unlocked.
they do yes? how big a job is it? or how much do you think rover delaer will charge for these as i only need the door motoros and fitting! thanx a lot!!!
You may find the wires are in the main loom of the car but you would need to buy new door looms that have the central locking connectors on them. From memory there is only 4 wires for the central locking part of the alarm to the drivers motor and two to the rest of the motors. I will have to check at work tomoz.
hi mate, did you check at work? if not would you mind doing so? i rang perrys of rotherham up n they gave me a number in sheffield to ring which quoted me around £120 i think! thanx for ya help!
Motors are the easy part. They need to be controlled. You need to be sure hat you vcan pulse them in one direction for about half a second to lock, or in the opposite direction to unlock. Applying power continuously will flatten the battery and maybe make a mess of the motor. So you need a controller for this. This may be able to take a signal form the alarm. If not a lock/unlock switch is needed in the drivers door motor. You will then need to lock and unlock from the outside using the key.

Then you can do about the wiring. That is the easy part. I suggest a dry run first before you disturm the doors and wire it up Just make sure the motors work as expected. If so, go for it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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