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Hi all,

I've been looking at a brand new still boxed CD80 on ebay but the seller hasn;'t got the code. He says its easily obtainable but is he right? The photo includes a picture of the box with the MGrover labels etc on it

He's selling it very cheap at the moment due to no code, he has good feedback etc too.

Any advice?

I've already got a CD80 but it was a used one that does its own tuning every so often even when listening to CD! Its the CD80 with silver sides like in the 75/ZT and he says its mp3 compatible but i thought it was a different model number for the mp3 one? Will ask him that before buying. He may not know if its never been switched on.



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Don't know about easily obtainable but I have a recoding procedure which I got off here a while back incase I lost my code. Here it is:

Recoding Procedure
Iovox Head units (CD 80)
1. Whist the unit is plugged in, but in off mode, press and hold i for 15 seconds.

2. Press right button

3. Turn unit on

4. Input desired code (any)

5. Press and hold # 5 for five seconds

6. Press right button

7. Open face and depress reset button

8. Turn unit on and the new code is displayed

9. Press and hold # 6 when code is ready for storing

Hope this helps!! :)
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