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< CAR : 1997 / R 216 Coupe, 1.6 K-Series >

Ok guys i ordered my cat from cat-direct in october LAST YEAR!

As you may know the crash etc and getting my car back on the road was more important to me than getting my cat replaced.. so it sat in the box until a few weeks back.

Now... i went to an exhuast shop and asked them to fit (old one was rusted on) and they said "THATS THE WRONG CAT" its got the 3 holes on one flange and then a balljoint end with 2 holes on the other side.

Anyway... i asked could he weld my ends on it he said "its the wrong cat it will restrict you". So i said feck it.. ive just emailed cats-direct now to complain.. but when i looked at the part number (they now have pictures on there site) the picture and the item number DO MATCH.

But it is the wrong cat! ive looked at there so called cat for a MK3 216 and it looks like it shoudl fit, two holes on each end of the flanges.



Anyway... im sure anyone who has a Rover coupe made AFTER 1995 knows the frustration in the fact that you goto halfrauds and everywhere else and spend 30 mins trying to explain how they made rover coupes after 1995 dispite what it says on there computer. :mad: and then in the end you have a choice.. do you get a MK3 part which MIGHT FIT or a MK2 part which MIGHT FIT.

Anyway guys get back to me and tell me what you think.. if i can im going to get a refund and get powerflow to make me a de-cat but if not ill just try and get the right one.

ANYWAY GUYS HELP ME OUT HERE....... fecking rover.. :rolleyes:
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