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Hi all

Need to get myself a new cat I think. Exhaust has been rattling badly for 6 months or more. I took the car for it's MOT and it passed emmissions fine. A month later the rattling got to me. I could see the heat sheield was not attached at on end (top and bottom had rusted through) and I assumed it was that that was rattling.

I phoned my local exhaust place and they said they would rip off the shield free of charge and it wouldn't cause any problems. They managed to get it off after lots of hammering and banging.

The car is still rattling but it's a different rattle, quieter than before and now it seems to rattle constantly and every time you rev the car whereas before it was much more intermittent and didn't necessarily rattle when I reved the engine.

I think they may have smashed my cat either by accident or deliberately - what say you? Would it have got through emmisison if it was broken?

Anyway, I really broke at the moment so anyone know the cheapest place for a CAT for a Jan 1994 rover 214sli? I'm in Telford or mail order of course.

Are these easy to fit or should I get my exhaust centre to fit it and how much should they charge?

I was quoted £120 by the place that removed the shield or about £30 to a cat if I get it.


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