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Carpet to fit 5 door R25

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i am after a free or cheap carpet that will fit my rover 25 as i dont like my grey one so would love a red one or black or anyother colour as long as it aint grey lol if you got one that you might think i would be interested let me no

cheers :)
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Do what I did, go to a carpet shop, and see if they are selling off any samples, the ones you get in the books, they are cheap as anything, and a huge range to choose from. It's what I did, unless you wanting to recarpet the whole car?
am after full carpet to just replace ma ugly grey one

and yeh boothy90 thats what i had in mind was a BRM red carpet then i was in my sisters ZR and her carpet is black and looks better than my grey one so i will hopefully get a carpet for when i change the interior fingers cross :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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