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car not starting and sunroof problem

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Hi any help appreviated basically my dads car battery died and not moved for a week, he has managed to input the eka code and get past the immobiliser but now says sunroof not set but his car doesnt have one??? Any ideas many thanks
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It would help if we knew what the car was.
Range Rover 2.5 Diesel its a P reg.

possibly the wrong eka code maybe the one used is for a higher/lower spec vehicle
The B C M needs to be told it hasnt got a sun roof somtimes when P38 batterys go flat or close to flat they loose synch withe the E C M and B C M thus forgetting there market programming this is weere the sunroof option is stored
It needs to be reconfigured and the immobilisation code re sent.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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