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This is going to be the 1st of the year here, Last year was hugely succesfull, i think every month between march and October we managed to exceed 200 cars, mainly ford but we would like more of everything as we like all cars of any shapes and sizes.(we literally couldn't fit anymore cars in!) and it was fantastic weather so this months meet will be huge as the looks to stay good with many people getting there cars ready and back on the road for summer!! Always nice to see so many new cars here so let’s have a great turn out again ALL cars welcome!

If you haven’t liked it already, here’s the Facebook page.

The venue is on;
Whitewood lane,
South Godstone

Date - 18/03/15
Time - 7pm until everyone leaves.

There is also a great tasting food at very very good prices

look at the pictures from the last years october turnout below so you can see just how huge it is!

so is anyone on here coming?

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