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Car does not idle

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Hi guys. Got a 220 turbo. Started it for the first time in about 3 months. When I let off the gas the car just dies, it does not want to idle. Held the throttle for a few minutes but no difference. Then a couple of times it did hold idle, just then it randomly cut out after a few minutes. I didn't really have this problem prior to leaving it in the lock up. The stepper was reset twice by pumping the pedal 5 times etc and you can hear the stepper whirr away but no difference. Any idea what the problem could be here? Thanks, Rav.
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I'd try unplugging the stepper motor and cleaning up the plug before putting it back on.

Also is it running on all 4 cylinders? could be a duff lead giving a misfire which the ECU will always struggle with.
Ok thanks. Is it worth maybe also replacing the stepper motor? It sounded like it was firing on all 4 cylinders tbh.
if you have no luck with cleaning your stepper motor. I have one from a 1.8 vvc mgf.
I think they are the same!
if so PM me
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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