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Our Punto is white. When I bough the car I had a choice- white today, or any other colour was an extra £500 and a two week wait. Why? Fiat make their own life easier by 'encouraging' buyers to opt for one colour (with Alfa they make Black the no-cost option). They also build a kind of brand identity. People get used to seeing white Fiats.
I think manufacturers like the public to link their cars with a particular colour. Perhaps it helps with advertising and promotion?
What colour is a Ferrari? Red of course. Merc? Silver.
Barring the Punto, I've always bought second-hand. So colour was just part of the age/ price/ mileage equation. I've had everything- red, blue, white, yellow, Gold, but I've never bought a car I though t was Ugly. Some cars just suit some colours better than others. Had a couple of R600s- one Ultramarine and one midnight blue. Both gorgeous, but in White the car just looked wrong. (Sorry if you drive the last white R600 in Britain)

I like my TF in red, but think Yellow might just be the best colour for them. I found a TF on Ebay the other night which has been pastidipped in Orange and is just lovely. Others will no doubt disagree.
I wasted half an hour the other evening on the Jag site configuring my 'new XE' (yes, sad). The colours are all very safe. Muted greys, blues, silvers.
Jag just don't want the public to see an orange or lurid green Jag, even if you'd like one. Doesn't fit the image they want to convey of themselves.
The F-Type comes in orange ;) French Racing Blue was quite striking too.
1 - 2 of 109 Posts