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As i havent got a lot of money i usually keep away from Rover Dealers for my Servicing and Repairs, because i am fully aware of there obscene over inflated labour charges etc.

But on the other hand i assume they know the Rover motor car inside out as i am sure that despite overcharging I assume they should know what they are doing.

I have a small problem with my clutch pedal, basically it is much, much too high, several inches above the brake pedal, making it very uncomfortable to get my foot on it, i have asked a few of the "cheap" variety garages but they havent got a clue as to the cure, somebody on here mentioned one of the servos which are found hiding under the bnonnet, but none of these garages know what i am talking about !.

So is there hope of getting it fixed at a Rover garage ?, but WHICH ONE, does anyone know one that they can recomend in the Bedford - Milton Keynes area please.

The petrol consumption has also been getting worse as well, therefore is a Rover garage the place to go for a computer generated read out of errors ?????, i know of a back street garage in my town that has one, i guess the read out from this for £20 would be EACTLY the same as the £60 spent at the Rover garage.


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~Two options:

1. CD Bramall MG Rover in Aylesbury (my dealer). ring 01296 610000 and ask for Charles Sawtrey, the service bod. He should at least tell you over the phone whether it is a common issue and what might need doing..................or

2. Jackson and Phillips. Hi quality independent in Leighton Buzzard who I can recommend. Ring 01525 372650 and ask for the service manager. They are very helpful and know their stuff. A bit cheaper than a dealer, and very customer focused.


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