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Used my ZT-T to pick up a couple of bearings for my small trailer. The pair of bearings on one side making a nasty loud noise and feel rough.

Bought from Gloucester Bearings in Innsworth which is conveniently located only one hundred yards from a small repair shop I have used for closing on thirty years for jobs I do not fancy doing myself. Also for jobs I do not have the kit for like pressing out old bearings and pressing in new.

The Guy who runs the outfit is a very enthusiastic owner of big Yankee cars... and has a Triumph Motorcycles from around the 1960s. Today was a surprise and a highlight for this car enthusiast. He has recently acquired a Cadillac Coupe de Ville on 1966 plates. Red with pillarless windows and brilliant white interior. A joy to my old minces... see attached. Look at the size of it.


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