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BTCC rumours thread 2016

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Seeing as other website have rumours threads for the following year, lets have one here, it can be about rumours you may have heard or alternatively you may make wild assumption and inaccurate guesses here, all are welcome lol

My predictions so far are.

1. Jordan to leave MG 888 after this season, as he just hasn't really made enough progress during the season, yes he has hauled good points a lot of the time and keeping in with a chance of the title, but I have not seen the pace or the aggressiveness most of the time we saw him with in the Honda.

2. Goff to stay with MG 888, he has really surprised me this year quite often finishing ahead of Jordan, who is a more experienced driver at the end of the day. If he has enough funding with all his sponsors.

Make up anything you like it's just for fun.
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Yep as expected he has moved to Motorbase. To be honest AJ has not become the driver I expected him to become. He said mostly the same about moving to MG as he has about Motorbase, looks like its de ja vue all over again. Plato proved how capable the car was to start with and has done so with the Passat CC and will with whatever car he drives. AJ in my opinion lacked something big this year and he can't blame it all on her car as Goff was often driving better than Jordan was.
Agreed, I don't think his heart was in it from the off, and when the car failed to perform early he didn't fight. He may do well at motorbase but I think if they are to win the championship, it will be Jackson not Jordan.
Very disappointed with AJ this year. Just a couple of races I can remember, the rest he seemed happy to sit in the top 10. Its all been about Jack Goff this year and I hope he stays.
MG are announcing something tomorrow and Triple8 have put on twitter that they are set to announce plans aswell. Fingers crossed!
Today's announcement is that MG will be at the London Motor Show sadly not BTCC related.
When I went to Thruxton, I thought Goff was a much better driver myself, nicer guy too ironically Jordan had a bit of a sour face on when doing the signing but Goff seemed very enthusiastic and pleased to be there!

I hope Goff stays on, think he has good potential!
Honda now have 3 TBLS and Speedworks and AMD 2. Very interesting, although I expected AMD to get 2 as I think Hamilton was looking at doing a full season. 888 still have 2. Whether they will be MGs or not though...
Well the rumour mill is still going well.

Latest intel according to tentenths and piston heads are convinced Warren Scott has bought out 888 for £1 and paid of their debts. BMR are supposedly running new Subaru's for 2016 and running the MG6 still with 888.

Goff to drive one MG6 again and a second driver no decision has been made yet. I really hope if all this is true we don't end with that cocky little git Smith as the second driver, I can't stand the jumped up little jockey.

Quite an interesting rumour really will be interesting to see if it is true or not. I still think it's complete tosh myself.

I still can't see what warren would gain by buying 888 and running possibly two manufacturer backed teams.
Confirmed that MG will still be in the BTCC for 2016 no news on drivers yet. Presumably Goff plus one TBC. Another 3 year deal signed. Guess the BMR buyout rumours are probably incorrect.
MG commit to BTCC for a further three years » TouringCars.Net

Triple Eight will still be the partner for 2016 and maybe longer (it isn't clear) but MG have committed to 3 years, no news on the driver line up.
Superb news. I had a feeling MG would come back but just on a year by year basis. This 3 year deal must mean the 6 has potential with the new aero and updated parts. Can't wait for 2016 and the first time I will be doing all 10 rounds.
It is good they have struck a 3 year deal as I also thought it might only be another yearly deal.

It does make you wonder what is in the pipeline though, the 6 needs new engines to be sold for much longer in the UK. So with the mention of working on a new chassis for the 6, I wonder if that means they will run a facelift this year and maybe 2017 we might finally see a new MG6 with new engines.
No further news yet - Im looking forward to finding out who the drivers are. And especially to seeing the new cars at Donny in March.
This is interesting -

The team will run an updated MG6 model at some point in the next three years, when the road-going counterpart is also given a refreshed look.
I agree it's interesting but at some point in the next 3 years. That means if it is within the next 3 years they must already be working on it and it should be near production ready and to be released in China soon as it will take another 2 years to get released here. And we have not seen any mules for a new 6.
I agree it's interesting but at some point in the next 3 years. That means if it is within the next 3 years they must already be working on it and it should be near production ready and to be released in China soon as it will take another 2 years to get released here. And we have not seen any mules for a new 6.
So you read it the same as I did - that the '6 would be refreshed.

Im not sure if it means that or just that they will be using the new 'facelifted' '6?!
Thought it read they will be using the facelift for 2016 and a new MG6 platform would be used within the next 3 years. I could of course be wrong.
I'd guess it's the mk2 using a new shell and chassis. As the current cars are the original 2012 cars, I would say the 2016 cars will be new shells with the new RML parts.
I don't think it means a mk3 MG6.
So we lose Jack Goff to WSR now, question is who will drive for MG/888 now.

I do hope we don't end up with Aron Smith as I hate the jumped up smarmy little git.
Can't believe Honda Yuasa have signed Andy Neate. What are they thinking he was a liability on track and caused more problems than anyone. He doesn't have many fans on forums talking about it.
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