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Brm Tyres

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Hi All. Just a quick question for anyone in the know.
Bought my BRM today and i want to put the original tyres on it. i.e. the dunlop ones with dunlop in white writing on the side walls. Any idea what they are and if i can still buy them ??
Thanks Anyway

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I don't think you'll get the original ones anymore - probably have to get the Sport 9000 Dunlops
I just meant the original tyres they came with from new. They have dunlop written in white on the side, however after looking around it seems some or all of dunlops tyres still come with the white writing... i think ?? Am i correct ?? Any Ideas ??
BRM used Dunlop 9000's but they never had white writing on.
There is a picture of the concept BRM that has white writing on but you would have to do this yourself with tyre paint.

Sidewall writing picked out in white? How tacky!

No, the BRM NEVER came with white sidewall writing.
LOL very 80's :D
But we all know the 80's are making a come back !!
Old Skool
Not knocking it.

Remenising :lol:
but it looked sweet on the brm

yeah, brm came with sp sport 9000's, £83 each from my tyres, also very cheap at kwik fit atm, 15% off for 2 and 25% off for 4.

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and that is exactly how id love my car to look !!
Thats only 4hrs polishing per day too !!!
the production cars didnt quite come out like that one tho... but i think the tyre paint works. its hardly the most noticable thing on the car now is it :D
I dont know what you mean. Its not like theres one big brightly coloured thing on the car to make it stand out from any other !!

Well looks like ill have to get the tippex out then
Sorry - I've got to disagree but that writing looks ghey :err:
Does kind of make me think of "General Lee" :err:
Weird, but for some reason you never see white writing on Nankang, Kumho and other sh*tty tyre brands :D.
Major Ingram said:
That's an ACE program, I loved it!
or her as you would have been in your teens about then m8 :lol:
I tried the white dunlop on mine once. I quite liked it but the tyres were all changed after a few months & I never repainted them.


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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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