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BRM driving through Heanor T**BRM

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Was it you? It had a ZR hoop spoiler on, sprayed the same colour as the mouth. Looked good imho. It was on Ray Street about 3pm today.
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Spoiler same colour as mouth?! :bigeyes: Orange or silver? Either way, sounds interesting.
Sounds like matts old BRM. He used to run & MSRE who sold performance parts for the BRM 200 mgf ETC, aswell as having a stock of various BRM specific parts. If it is the same one it also has a lightly modified engine. (Gas flowed head etc) I wasn't a fan of the orange rear spoiler personally though.
No, sorry Matt,
He had a pic on the web site (when it used to be!) & he had a few more up when he was selling it. But I never thought to take a copy of them! :doh:
The spoiler was orange, it looked good.
Made me jealous though. I want a BRM, although the insurance would bankrupt me.
I keep seeing that one driving between Heanor and Ripley quite regularly. Very nice looking car. Saw it parked up outside a house in Heanor yesterday, could well be where it resides.

Sound like Matt's car if the ZR spoiler is orange like the grille. I've been in that and it is seriously quick, was 180bhp or so I believe? Well nice car
Yeah, that was 180hp.

If I could have bought that car when he sold it, I most certainly would!
Can't say I'd have kept the spoiler though, that was a matter of opinion I think.. :)
All these people from so close to me :O Can't say I have seen this car though, will keep any eye out!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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