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Bristol/Swindon Meet 2013 calender.

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2013 Bristol/Swindon Meet Calender.​

Hey folks, as there are a few events that are coming up this year so I thought I would get all the dates up now so people have some warning and know roughly whats happening and when. Ive put on locations for the monthly meets but these are only suggested and could change so this isnt set in stone.

Pride of longbrige is on Saturday 13th April, and I imagine that people would want to convoy up. If there is enough interest we will get a seperate thread up nearer the time with more info.​


Sunday January 27th - Cepen Park, Chippenham (5th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday Febuary 24th - Mill House, Emersons Green (6th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday March 31st - Cepen Park, Chippenham (7th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Saturday 13th April - Pride of Longbridge (Convoy)

Sunday 28th April - Mill House, Emersons Green (8th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday 26th May - Kemble Airfield -Convoy from Malmesbury (9th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday 30th June - Mill House, Emersons Green (10th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday 28th July - Mill House, Chippenham (11th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Saturday 3rd/Sunday 4th August. Harrogate MG Show (camping)

Sunday 25th August - Cheddar Gorge/ Weston Super Mare (12th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday 29th September - Cepen Park, Chippenham (13th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday 27th October - Mill House, Emersons Green (14th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

Sunday 24th November - Mill House, Chippenham (15th Bristol/Swindon Meet)

The meet in December would fall between the Christmas and New Year, so it might be better to arrange a meet in the middle of December, again this is up for discussion so feel free to add any ideas you have and we can try and sort something out to keep everyone happy.

Feel free to add any dates of importance and we can make sure our diaries are clear :D. Also some people have suggested having fix it days at peoples houses to get jobs done on the cars, I am all up for this but think it would be better done on seperate dates to the montly meets, again feel free to add your 10p worth on this :D

Bristol Meet team
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So who's going tomorrow ?
So that would be nobody then? :whinge:
Shall we switch the June or July meet to Kemble, as that's usually an interesting place to get together - it would be shame to miss it out. Wot do you think...

& r u still out there Bristol Meet Team/ Matt?

2nd this something needs to happen. We still meeting last sunday lol?
Thought I was speaking to myself. Where's everyone gone?
What time does the Bristol meet start the end of this month?
Bristol meet

Yes I'd be keen to attend the Bristol meet this month, what time do you kick off?
Although this was last month, I do believe it still applys to Sunday 30th June.
I love out going us south west people are ... lols I can see myself sitting in the car park on my own next sunday :rvd:
I'm going to try my best to get out to next Sunday's in Bristol, although Lauren and I are away all next week so things might be a bit hectic at home when we get back.

Will defo try though :broon:
That's ok buddy, would be good to meet some new people, I'm 21 and just seem to end up at the pub every night haha. of course not moaning to much, live it whilst you can haha.

No worries if you cant make it, I'm going to Newquay the next day anyway, so need to pack at some point xD
Is this happening at 1pm today? :dunno:
Well I might pop up only up the road from me
I'll go at 1 pm then. Usually meet near skate ramps in retail park car park if pub car park is heaving...
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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