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Breaking 620 Si Oxford Blue...

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Hopefully in the new year we will be moving north of the border....
As a result the 600 won't be coming with us...

I'm breaking the car so other members can have first choice of any parts...its not on Fleabay...

What ever is left will be crushed just before we move..

Just PM for parts and price....

Cheers, Dave.
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Living in Accrington, and now moving again? You don't half get about! :lol:
petrol or diesel?
'Tis a petrol Honda P reg with 146K on the clock.

New Disc and pads all round for MOT a few months ago.

Body work has seen better days to be honest, but there are some good bits...Bonnet, boot, headlights etc....

Can post some pics if needed..

Cheers, Dave.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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