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Brakes after 2 weeks away

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just come back from my honeymoon, and took the car out.. TO start witht he car creaked into movement like the brakes were stuck on, and now everytime i brake, it goes dumph, dumph, dumph, dumph, quite badly... any tips?
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maybe abit of surface rust on the disks? happened to me when i cam back from holiday. didnt make a noise tho just like a pluse thru the pedal.

go for a nice gentle drive with nice long easy braking and it should clear the crap off them.
Yeah its just surface rust built up on the discs, basically whats happening is when the car sat idle for a few weeks the brake discs started to rust due to the exposure to moisture without being used, the dumph dumph dumph you decribed is the brake pads running along the surface of the discs when you brake and its going from rusty surface to clean surface back to rusty surface, the clean surface area is where the brake pads was protecting the surface of the discs and thus not corroding whilst sat idle, so thats the sound you can hear.

As DEViANCE described you need to go for a nice very gentle run in the car, somewhere you can gently apply the brakes to clear up the surface of the discs the pads run on, given about ten or twenty miles and all should be fine again but if after some time the noise is still evident you might need to replace your brake discs and pads.

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Ok thanks lads.. Ive got a drive out in it tomorrow, only took it 1 mile today..
neilwalls said:
Ok thanks lads.. Ive got a drive out in it tomorrow, only took it 1 mile today..

I'd say give it the Italian tune up treatment if it's been sat for 2 weeks!
Vrooom vroooooom!! :devil:
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