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Boot Lid dash light Staying On

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Hi guys have a problem,

I replaced my time clock in my F this afternoon on my lunch brake and after I had fitted it I noticed when the 'igg' was on the Boot Lid... Dash light was on! So I went round and checked the boot, bonnet and doors and it still stays on. Also when I lock the car the Indicator lights don’t flash but they flash when I unlock the car! Very strange.

I’m wondering if it could be a faulty switch (micro) on 1 off the locks. Or that I might of dislodged a plug/wire behind the centre console?

Any suggestions would be great.

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I'd go for the centre console, i had a similar weird happening the other night, i'd unplugged all the bottom switches.... Windows, fogs,rear heater etc. when i went for a drive i had NO indicators and my OIL light was on. when i locked the car all the indicators flashed? when i replaced the switches all was ok? remove the console again and check all connections :)
Thanks Copperknob,

After posting the question I went out and had another look, I took the centre console out and checked any plugs and wires, I also remembered that I had unplugged the Hazard warning switch when fitting the new clock! (This is linked it to the indicators and alarm....) and made sure that it was seated back in the switch properly. Still showing the boot lid light. So now I went round to the boot and unplugged the switch on the lock (light still on) and replaced it with a link (paper clip) to eliminate the switch and to show the car that the boot was shut. Still the light was on!!!:eek:mg2: (When doing this I noticed that the boot light wasn’t working)

Sitting in my car listening to the radio and watching it rain off Corse. I had a thought... maybe a fuse had blown some were? So looked at the fuse box and low and behold the fuse that protects the Radio, Clock, Interior Lights including the Boot and Bonnet was blown (just so you know it was fuse 12 which should be a 15Amp) I replaced the fuse for a new 1 of the same ratting and guess what? Yep the Boot lid light on the dash was now off.... :woo:

P.S when reading this your probably wonder a few things.

1), Why didn’t I realize that my clock wasn’t working if the fuse had blown?
2). How was I listening to the radio if the same fuse protects the 12Volt feed to it?
3). How did I not notice the interior lights not working when I got in the car this morning, this afternoon and every time after that?

All I can say is that it’s been a long day and Iv been up since 5.

Have a chuckle to your self’s and others for my stupidness.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Dave

p.s I build robots for a living :iwstupid:
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Glad you got it sorted and thanks for the feedback :)
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