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Quite a lot of engineering staff took voluntary redundancy/early retirement, and contractors have come and gone on extremely short term contracts (eg 4 weeks).....but you don't hear about that.

Jobs for life was something that came in the mid 90s, but I would have thought that should have gone when the BMW backed out. It didn't, and the bulk of the staff at L/B are probably manufacturing staff. As output has dropped, has the manufacturing workforce??

It's hard, I know, but perhaps those jobs should have gone rather than the engineering expertise to develop the NEXT range of cars. Hopefully with SAIC, the engineering side can be built up again, and the volumes rise to allow manufacturing staff to be kept on.

There was also the China Brilliance, Prodrive and TWR fiascos which would have ripped into the BMW dowry with little to show for it afterwards..... :eek:mg:
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