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BMW rules out hybrid models
4 May 2007

Hybrid models will not be part of the BMW range for the foreseeable future, the company has revealed.

Instead it will focus on what it calls ‘EfficientDynamics’, a package of technologies and energy management systems designed to improve the effectiveness of its vehicle range.

Speaking about the facelifted 5-Series that went on sale last month, Jim O’Donnell, BMW UK’s managing director, said: "Noticeable design improvements have been combined with EfficientDynamics to provide tangible performance benefits."

He said increases of up to 25% in fuel economy and emissions results would save drivers hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year.

O'Donnell added: "We believe customers prefer the driving experience of an ultra-efficient internal combustion engine rather than a hybrid car, with all the associated weight of the battery and motors."

EfficientDynamics includes Stop & Go which cuts the engine – for example, at traffic lights – to conserve fuel. Brake Energy Regeneration is also included in the plans which saves the energy that’s normally lost when the car is slowed by the driver.
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