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banded steelies and springs.....

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Hi Guys,

Been spending some time looking though some euro car forums this even and seen quite a few cars with banded steelies on them. i think they look sick with streched tyres and want to get some for my car.

My question is: Has anyone ever put them on a 200, zr etc? and would it just be a case of spending my wheels off to a company and gettings them cut and welded?

Second question is:

Where can i find lowering springs more then 35mm. i want to slam my r200 but with out using zr shocks or coilovers. Lowest springs i can find are 35mm :( and i have been looking for hours. only way i have found so far is cutting the springs. but i really dont want to bodge it like this.....

Thanks Ricky
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Banded steels are positively dangerous plus the stretched tyres cannot be safe!
loads of people roll about on bands round my way, perfectly safe and cutting the springs on cars is safe too, my cars have all passed mot's with cut springs, aslong as the spring is secure it wont fail, and they're **** easy to do on the 200's, we dont even take the suspesion off to do it!
If done properly, banded steels as already said are perfectly safe. I've yet to hear of an accident which is the direct consequence of a banded steel failure. Also, a small amount of tyre stretch is also perfectly fine, my Mini ran with a little stretch when it ran some 7x13 Superlites and also on a set of 6x12 Superlites, was absolutely fine!
and cutting the springs on cars is safe too
I'm no expert, but you're the first person I've ever heard say that. :/
I've also ran with cut srpings, as have several friends in the past. It's not ideal as it will increase the spring rate. From a safety point of view though, as long as they're wired into the shock cups (not an MOT requirement, just sensible) and the springs are shaped on the ends to sit properly it's not an issue.

It is far better of course to run with springs matched to the car's weight and shocks though.
I've just run stretched tyres on my Bora for the past 6 months, perfectly safe, no real difference in how the car handles, what is different
though is that they do seem to wear a lot quicker, but suppose that could be because my cars a bit of a fatty :D

Getting your steels banded wont be as cheap as you think, while it is a case of chopping and welding, there's also a lot of time spent
balancing and making sure they're perfectly straight. By the time you've had it done and bought new tyres to stetch, you would of been
better off finding some second hand deep dish alloys with tyres already on. Something like ATS cups could be another option? Although I
tried them on my 25 a few years ago and they looked tiny! But then that wasn't slammed, I'm gonna say to look good on your 200 you want something 16" minimum

Suspension, I'd just save and get some zr shocks n lower springs. Or if you can find some coilovers cheap, get them :broon:
should never ever cut springs, there made to have a flat bottom for a reason, it is absolutely dangerous!
ive got 15x8 on mine with 195/50 tyres and theyre not even slightly stretched in the late eighties all the pug205 s/309s "dimma" s had split rims asra gte s etc too not many companys that do banding now but if done right ok,everyone in minis/mark2 escorts used to just bolt the wheels on inside out,if you re willing to spend a few quid having steel wheels "banded"and if done propper it will be quite a few quid just have some springs made to your own specs they can then be progressive and rated at whatever you want and its still cheaper than a set of coil overs by far
Thanks for all the quick replys guys.

i have found a few places which will do the banded steelies but as pointed out they want around £300 + and thats not even incuding tyres :S i have looked a few sets up on ebay and they go for around £75 - £100 without tyres. so looking anuther £120 - £150 for new tyres all round.

theres loads of sets of deep dish "alloy" rims out there but thats been done loads before... i want something that looks stock and different.

so it looks like ill just have to wait for a good set to come up on ebay !

with the springs, as said before cutting them is not an option. i have heard loads of bad storys of them falling out the cups.... not worth it imo.

what sort of company will make me up some custom springs? i want a 80 - 90 mm drop all round. and need them to be medium - hard as i get allot of body roll around corners :(

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Bespoke springs/shocks are going to be mega money! You'll be in coilover country.
cut springs wont fall out on a rover 200 as they all sit around the shock, and cut from the top not the bottom as the top sits on an angled rubber, there will be no noise or knocks at all even on full lock.
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