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done a bit of searching on here i read that some avo's fall out of the zr struts and some dont... also some peeps have red or black springs whats the difference ?

im lookin for some decent springs, goin on my search avos are the ones to get, but dont like the idear thay fall out off the cups, and cable tie them just desent sound right
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they will only fall out the cups if you put ZR Avo's springs on 25 struts

ZR Avos NEED! ZR struts

as far as colours i think Red is progressive so when you arent pushing it its a more comfortable ride then when you are givin it the beans its stiffer. but for blacks idk

cheers that cleared that up... along as thay dont fall out of the zr struts thats fine

more searching... black springs have become rare as no longer made
The black rears will fall out the cups when jacked up even on ZR struts which i beleive is an mot failure. Easiest way round it is to cable tie the bottom of the spring to the cup. Thats how most other ZR owners have done it including myself and never had any problems come MOT time
I have AVO blacks on my ZR and have never had any problems when the car is up on the ramps
any one got the red ones fitted ?
When AVOs first came out for the ZR they were a short, non-progressive lowering spring. In fact they were so short that if the car jacked the springs would come out of the top cup. This is not a problem or an MOT failure as long as the spring re-seats itself when the car is lowered. To ensure this, the lower coil was held in place with some strong zip ties.

To stop this in the future AVO produced a progressive wound spring that was longer (so the springs would remain in the cups) but was also softer. This meant that you got the same lowering without the 'problem' of the springs coming out of the cups. These were the RED springs

BTW, this would NEVER happen on the road unless you regulary got all 4 wheels airborne!!

The problem that some people had with the red AVOs is that they didnt seem to settle evently and sometimes the front or the rear could look higher than the other end.

They have been revised again (and returned back to black colour) where they seem to have sorted this problem out.

The general opinion is that the original black AVOs give the better lowering whereas the later black AVOs give a (slightly) better ride.
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As dR0Og said really.

If your buying the springs new then they will be the newer style black avo's which will be fine, as said before if your fitting the ZR ones they should be fitted to the ZR shocks

Ive had mine fitted for a while now and there fine... the cars been jacked up several times and ive never had an issue, there a little harder ride wise than the standard 160 springs but they were'nt exactly comfortable anyways :lol:

Ah, it is the newer of the black ones that i had fitted, hence why i've not had any problems. :)
cheers guys for clearing this up... one last thing is it best too order them form avouk direct ? or some where else online

I ordered mine from Demon Tweeks as they were on offer at the time. Shop around bud and get the best deal you can :)

sorry for dragging an old thread up... but avos vs spax? witch would u chose & why... the spax have better ride comfort ?

not interested in xpowers
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