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For the big Wörthersee 2007 enthusiast meet, Audi has created a new design study that will take its place among the thousands of Volkswagens descending upon the Austrian lake region. The event kicks off today and runs through the weekend, and if you happen to be visiting Austria, it may well be worth a visit just to check out the Audi TT clubsport quattro in person.

It's impossible to look at the concept and not make the Porsche Speedster connection, with its barely-there windscreen (pillarless, wraparound, and wiper-free) and low-to-the-ground stance. Unlike the lithe, iconic Porsche, however, the Audi has more visual heft, thanks to the TT's high sides and chunkier 21st-century design. In front, this thing's anything but subtle. The dominant shield grille is flanked by large intakes that are presumably required to feed the 300-horsepower TFSI four-cylinder residing behind them. Like the flagship R8, the clubsport's four rings are moved to the hood. The TT clubsport gets an eye job, too, as evidenced by the LED running lights integrated with the headlamp clusters. Big RS4-style open-spoke wheels sit inside the bulging flared fenders and allow a clear view of the orange-calipered ceramic disc brakes. At the rear, dual tips and a fully-exposed muffler poke through the bodywork, and when viewed from above, the clubsport takes on an hourglass shape that hints at the muscle it packs beneath its skin.

A metallic ring (thicker in front, then thinner through the sides and back) encircles the windshield and the rest of the open-air passenger compartment. That same trim adorns the pods behind the driver and passenger roll hoops (which are shorter than the production TT's), the center console, and other assorted trim bits inside. Classy white-faced gauges hide in the orange, leather-wrapped instrument binnacle, and the same bright hue is used to highlight the center tunnel and door panels, as well. The S tronic's shifter is the same one you'll find in the R8, and in an interesting touch, the middle air vent is replaced by a removable Bang & Olufsen MP3 player. A look inside the engine bay reveals a beautifully uncluttered arrangement thanks to accessories such as the A/C being moved to other parts of the vehicle.

Could Audi be mulling over a super-sporty open-air TT? Time will tell, as this is just a design study, but the clubsport shows that it's obviously crossed someone's mind in Ingolstadt.

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Source: Autoblog
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