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Anyone want to swap?!

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We've decided we want an MG F or TF, so does anyone fancy swapping for a ZR 105? It's a pre-facelift model, 5 doors, 04 reg, black, and has 3000 miles. Although it's not the + model, the dealer fitted electric windows.Thought it might be worth putting it here, just in case! Cash either way depending on the car.
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no but il have you zt for a straight swap?!
Cant be ar*d with the link, but there is one on E-bay now, says swop for MGZR.

2000 X wedgewood blue etc etc..
deelunn said:
no but il have you zt for a straight swap?!
:lol: nobody's taking my baby away! :p

Marl.L- thanks, I'll have a look at ebay :)
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