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Anyone near J12 M4?

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I've a glass rear screen convoying across country, so far it's got from Gillingham to M4 J12 area (thanks Kelvin :broon:)

Is anyone near/passing that area and coming either to Stratford on JATs run (Sun 26th) or Blackpool (Sat 2nd Oct), or heading west along the M4 into Wales?
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glass rear window

looks like it's a dash up the M4 then jan
Jan, if someone can get it halfway to Lem I dont mind going down to pick it up for you one night this week (not Friday!).... possibly pass on to the other Jan to pass to you on Sunday? Would offer to drop into yours on the way to Mums (weekend after next) but cant be certain we'll have room :err:
Could also probably pop over to Leamington to pick it up on Thurs or Sat for Sunday myself if needed?
Over to you Grant what do you want to do? :dunno:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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