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Hi, I am new here so just a quick introduction, My name is Dean and I have a 51plate Rover 25 (mg look a like)
My reason for joining is to shed some light on my keyfob/immobiliser problem, From what I have seen it seems to be quite a common fault

My fob has broken, I opened it up and the metal slot where the battery fits in had come away from the circuit board in 2 places so I tried to solder them back on but it's still not working. I don't mind usisng to key to lock/unlock the car but my immobiliser is stuck on so my car is stranded at the minute! Is there anybody in the Rotherham area who can reprogram a fob for me or supply and reprogram the fob or know anybody that can? I have just been quoted £96 for a new fob and to program it in

Hope somebody can get me moving again soon

Thanks Dean
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