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another fan resistor query.

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It seems that all the common faults with MFSs are the faults im finding with mine.

Today i had hoped to replace the fan resistors in my 1999 MGF with A/C
I read up on all the videos etc, and concluded it looked easy enough.
They all said just to take off the glove box and the a duct held on by one screw.
Wen i took of my glove box i was expecting this.
but found something different.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Bumper
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Hood Automotive design

This looks a little to much to remove..?
Does any one have an easy fix befor i put the glove box back in it and forget about it ??
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How did you manage to remove the air box with out destroying ii, and do you think the resistor would be accessable from than position ?
Hi I wouldn't want to comment on whether the resistor is accessible from the air box when it's removed, as you can see in #11 I also asked if it is possible to access the resistor from air box opening as I will need to do mine at some point. Removal of the under bonnet airbox is easy enough if you have the time, just slacken off the servo brackets and slide servo forward then undo the two? bolts holding the front of the box, then if my memory serves me well the other bolts securing it are accessed from the passenger footwell remove those then wriggle the box out from under the bonnet. Yours may be completely different as I understand you have A/C yes? Best of luck. Regards. D4KGP.
I think im going to order a snorkel box, then have a closer look at removing the air box and prey the resistor is accessible from there .
Initial question by Bluestuff was how to access bolts of air intake box. On that question I replied that I did not understand it and requested explanation. After that Bluestuff explained his initial question on which I posted above mentioned link in order to provide him information how to access bolts.
In any of his questions I did not find question if resistor pack can be accessed through air intake box.

Can I remind that conversation between Bluestuff and me started in post number #2 where I linked thread in which it is explained that you can access resistor pack and how you can do that through intake air box.
Hi Roverlike, it seems that this thread will carry on for sometime. I just wanted to know if you have replaced the resistor on an F, if so was it with one of those from China? As I mentioned before I need to replace mine so I wondered if those from China were any good in your opinion. Regards. D4KGP.
No, for all resistors I replaced I used the ones for Honda, which have coating on the top. Still have original mg-rover one as spare.
No, for all resistors I replaced I used the ones for Honda, which have coating on the top. Still have original mg-rover one as spare.
Thanks for your speedy reply. D4KGP.
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