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Andy Neate A Waste Of Time ???

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Is it me or was this a complete waste of time signing him into the team this season? He's in a competetive car but not getting any results! What's going on?!
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I'm sure I saw him leading a race today and pulling away from the rest, until the car lost performance for some reason, for a while not even Plato could match Neate's lap times... with a change of luck he can clearly be competetive.
We don't believe it!

...Andy Neate has now led more miles for MG than team-mate Jason Plato.
This was how it was calculated originally in February, which explains why different cars are at different levels.
I assume that is why the teams never comment on it, only certain drivers.
9mph slower is a lot in a race
Although it is a lot, there could be many reasons for it. The fact that the MG is a Fastback while the Honda is "stylish" could well make more than 9mph difference!
Windy, did you really say the Civic was stylish? It's bloody hideous! ...
No, did you not notice the "" marks ;)

I suspect you are right about the next gen looking different, style before aerodynamics is not as acceptable as it was.

As for Andy, I think we have had enough rounds now to see his true ability and this rounds qualifying was typical.

Plato is going to have a hard time winning the championship now unless the Hondas have some more of that toca supplied "bad luck" in the races rather than practice.
I will always thank him for helping to get MG back in the BTCC.
Agreed, even though I'm not quite sure how much he did it has helped to make sure that MG are definitely back in the sport.

Maybe he will buy his this years car from 888 for next year...
Andy Neate said:
"We fully understand that there will be some disappointment from the fans who were looking forward to seeing the Team Club 44 Chevrolet on track at Donington Park," Neate said. "However, circumstances beyond our control have conspired against us, and it meant that we weren't able to get on track to complete the running that we had planned prior to Donington.

"As I have said previously, I've been in the position before where I've gone into a race weekend with a car that I hadn't had the chance to gel with properly, and it isn't something I want to do again.
He hasn't gelled with the car so he isn't going to race :confused:

Good thing MG/888 have Sam Tordoff. this year and not Neate :)
Well Sam takes his first win in his BTCC debut. Neate finally gets his car out and finishes 23rd. Sorry but Neate just is not good enough IMHO, he spent the whole of last year blaming the car. It's taken forever to get his car ready and still he's down at the wrong end of the grid. I can't see him improving that much tbh. Thought this thread deserves a resurrection lol
He has just finished ahead of Sam by one place :err: !
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