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I read this thread and at first thought yeah Andy is a bit of a waste of time, but then he's been mid table for a few races and has had problems so maybe we should give him our support.

Plato is a legend and can carve his way through the cars with ease, Andy just need to regain is confidence and I think we'll be onto a winning team.

Regarding Andy's worth, he's clearly a cleaver man, the company he's a director of have some clever tech and according to the things I've read Andy is the inventor and patent holder for some of these technologies. However not sure if you'd call him personally "wealthy" as his company only has £8 million net worth and a few years of negative trading to recover from...they are clearly however doing something right as the worth has shot up 2009 on.

Plus loads of investors and other directors to keep happy. Of course this does not take into account any personal royalties Andy may get on the patents he holds, but still I don't think that he can afford to play the racing driver without support.

Good luck this weekend MG!
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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