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Andy Neate A Waste Of Time ???

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Is it me or was this a complete waste of time signing him into the team this season? He's in a competetive car but not getting any results! What's going on?!
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Not sure why you are surprised/upset about this, this is standard practise for Matt Neal & has been for as many years as I can remember.
This is why i'm not a fan of Neal, or the team/car he drives. He moans like a ******* everytime he feels there is the slightest injustice to him. Plato, it seems to me can be a little boysterous but Neal it seems to me is just a bumper car driver with the attitude of i'm coming through at some point, just wait for the punt "mate"
Tap to pass merchant my son calls him!

Andy Neate? He's worth his weight in gold! He is trying to do a proper job. He's been racing for a while as most will know but he seems to me to be making good progress at every race.
The 3rd race reverse grid at all BTCC races is basically there to handicap the first x (whichever number is picked from the hat) drivers (by definition) so it makes for a much more interesting race, until some ****** like Neal comes along that is. The best (?) way to stop "drivers" like Neal at others punting people off would be a drive through penalty........Mmmm yes please!
Didn't Newsham get shunted off by someone earlier in the year?
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